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          Rachael Flood, the Managing Director of RLF Corporation is a 4th generation "Flood" with a successful business. It all started with her Great Grandfather Mr. James Flood who ran "James Flood Motor Bodyworks", Australia's leading car manufacturing company since 1907 for many decades, on St Kilda Rd Melbourne & in Footscray. He was taught by the best in the business , CR Rolls from Rolls Royce then Tarrants when he moved to Australia. With contracts for companies such as Mercedez Benz, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Itala, Australian Government the business was successful even during the war times with the depression as they built the Army vehicles. James Flood passed away in 1956 from a stroke as the factory on St Kilda Rd was burned down and as he saw the last 30 years of his work in front of him go up in flames he had a stroke there and then and was unfortunately unable to be saved...

         James Flood Pty Ltd was then carried on by her Grandfather James Flood Jnr who also opened a restoration part of the business for cars and was also a successful part of the business as they eased out of manufacturing.. in 1978 he then decided to wrap things up and decided it was time to sell or lease the business out. Her father, John Flood then took the "Flood" name back in 1980 after "James Flood Motor Bodyworks' was sold and currently successfully runs an electrical manufacturing company out of Melbourne also and has been doing this for over 35 years. So 3 mechaincal engineers and 3 generations of success. Rachael is not a mechanical engineer but is business savvy. So success runs in the family. Rachael is very proud of her family heritage. 


We have experts in all fields with many years of experience & a wealth of knowledge to assist you wherever possible. If there is something we cannot do ourselves we will source someone who can. 


We come to you. To make things easier we come to see you, at a time that suits you in the comfort of your office or home.  We are flexible on time and can make it to see you after hours and on weekends/ public holidays. Whether it be for Property Investment, a consult for Solar Panels, IT services or one of the many other services we offer at RLF Corporation. 

Why Choose RLF Corporation?

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