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RLF Corporation Consulting
& Services

RLF  is a consultation business. We have been operating for 13 years now and are really opening our horizons with new areas of business in 2023. If you have a problem we can possibly provide a solution or service to solve your issue. With a massive network globally there will be not much we cannot do. Please check out our services or shoot us an email with any questions at our contact page. All enquiries welcome. 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Property Consulting

We have a full property solutions area. Specializing in Investment Property around Australia. We are your one stop shop for finance, financial planning, and building a property portfolio with our experienced specialists. We work alongside different groups to give your situation the best result possible.


We provide various businesses with staff placement, even setting up new areas of a business with great quality employees for new projects etc.

Managed IT Services

We build websites for anyone. Can also manage them. We can provide SEO and any other online marketing required. 

Entertainment Consulting

We provide services for the Television and entertainment industries. We can provide funding and also put campaigns together for your brand.

Solar systems for Residential & Commercial

Another area of business we specialize in is Solar systems. Please enquire on our contact form for an obligation free consult and see what you can save today! We can install anywhere in Australia. 

Commodities Industry 

We have a network of commodity traders and always looking to meet more to see if we can do a deal . Please contact us if youhave a deal you are looking for. We have global networks and amazing distribution channels. 


Ready to find out more?

Please feel free to browse our website or shoot us any questions you may have via our contact page. We will happily attend to all enquiries. We are your one stop shop for property , solar, finance, recruitment, management, entertainment, & commodities. 

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